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Biomedical and Multi-Purpose HIV Prevention –Advocacy (16 Nov. to 13 Dec)

KMWA has organised a series of Advocacy and Awareness events on Microbicides and Multi-Purpose Prevention Technologies. Under the IPM supported grant this week in Eldoret medical and healthcare professional with engage in awareness and Advocacy event. This will be followed by National Dialogue of stakeholders involved with HIV issues among adolescents and most at risk or key populations. This will be followed by various events to mark World AIDS Day, Editors Breakfast and Social Media Training for Young KMWA and Science Journalists.


Strengthening accountability for the promotion of the women and girls health and well being in Kenya

KENYA, NAIROBI, 10 NOVEMBER 2017 – UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund in collaboration with the National Council on Population and Development (NCPD), Kenya Women Judges Association (KWJA) and Kenya Medical Women’s Association (KMWA) seeks to establish and implement a strategic advocacy and accountability platform – Women for Women (W4W). The platform aims to empower right holders and keep all stakeholders/duty bearers focused on delivering results and improvement in the health and wellbeing of women and girls in the Republic of Kenya.

The wellbeing of women and girls is one of the most sensitive development barometers in any society or nation. A nation or society cannot develop beyond the level of welfare of its women and girls, as incontrovertible evidence abounds that the empowerment of women is one of the surest strategies to enhance family health, improve child wellbeing and education as well interrupt trans-generational poverty. Kenya, like most nations across the globe parades a population, which consists of almost 50% women and girls. Therefore, their critical contribution through productive engagement in society amongst others cannot be ignored in the quest for national socio-economic development in keeping with Vision 2030.

Under the leadership of the Government of Kenya important strides are being made to advance the wellbeing of Kenya’s women and protect their dignity. Progress is seen in legislation (such as anti-FGM) and implementation of various forms of prevention and response interventions to GBV by government, civil society organizations and the United Nations. However gaps remain, including weak coordination between social services forming a safety net for women and enforcement of laws.

Against this backdrop, the W4W platform strives to facilitate enhanced coordination and synergies amongst the range of development partners, NGOs, and government to the extent that each County reaching out for support is able to access the technical assistance necessary to undertake purposeful action and deliver set results.

The platform will identify select indicators that will guide evidence-generation from national and county data sources on the implementation status of policies, programmes and services for advancing women and girls’ health and well-being. This evidence will inform the development of periodic/annual County scorecards, and an annual report indicating concrete recommendations, innovative strategies, and policy actions for improving health and wellbeing of women and girls in Kenya in support of the attainment of Kenya’s Vision 2030 and to leave No-Kenyan-Behind.

—National Council on Population and Development (NCPD)

It’s our hope that the W4W platform will promote and enhance gender parity and access to justice for the violation of sexual and reproductive health and rights for women and girls, including cases of gender based violence and female genital mutilation as well as other harmful traditional practices through empowerment, awareness creation and development of jurisprudence of equality.

—Kenya Women Judges Association (KWJA)

We are thrilled to be part of this partnership, which seeks to uplift the health status of women and adolescents in Kenya by promoting social accountability for individuals, institutions and County Governments through enhancing their capacity to respond through determined action involving advocacy, information and service delivery, in addressing the needs and challenges affecting women and girls.

—Kenya Medical Women’s Association (KMWA)

Dr. Ademola Olajide, UNFPA Representative to Kenya concluded: “We strongly believe that the platform will foster deeper understanding and conduct evidence-based advocacy among key policy makers, leaders from the diplomatic community, civil society, faith-based, private sector, academia, and the media, to motivate action in promoting health and wellbeing among women and girls in Kenya.”

In addition, Dr. Olajide added the platform will facilitate existing and mobilize new technical assistance available to the Counties in order to ensure that all County Governments requesting for it, will have sufficient access to technical assistance for improving health and well being of women and girls in their Counties.

KMWA initiates and supports scientific projects relating to health and well-being of  women,adolescents,children and the vulnerable in the society.