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Reasons To Join KMWA

Whether you are a medical student, resident, physician, retired physician or an associate, KMWA provides many professional development and educational opportunities to complement your clinical expertise with practical leadership, and networking platforms to celebrate women in medicine leadership, and even fun discounts.

Let us show you what that really means

Awards & Grants

Get recognition. Fund your dreams. All KMWA Associates and Members are invited to apply for renowned available awards and grants and scholarship opportunities through the KMWA Endowment Committee and other Partners’ Programs. Contact the national office for more information.

Leadership Opportunities

Join a committee and gain nonprofit engagement experience and recognition in the healthcare workforce. KMWA’s commitment to the empowerment and professional, social and personal advancement of women in medicine includes both developing leaders and providing leadership opportunities within the organization. Volunteer opportunities exist for KMWA Members who would like to participate on one of the KMWA’s committees. These committees focus on aspects ranging from communication (including subcommittees: newsletter, website, social media, advocacy), to membership, awareness and camps, advocacy and campaigns, research and Innovations, Well Woman Clinic, nominations and awards. Becoming a KMWA Director, or even being involved with your local chapter, will provide amazing opportunities to strengthen your relationships with other women in medicine while working on a specific initiative.

 Public Health Campaigns & Initiatives

Be heard. KMWA initiates and participates in national campaigns on critical public health issues. Members get the opportunity to advocate via campaigns such as the Annual !6 Days of Activism, World AIDS Day and Cancer Screening and Awareness Campaign, meant to increase awareness of cervical cancer and the importance of prevention, vaccination and screening to help reduce the number of women dying needlessly from this largely preventable cancer and other NCDs.

 International Opportunities

Explore your interest in global health. Become a KMWA member and you are automatically a member of an international network of women doctors called the Medical Women’s International Association ( The MWIA is an international non-governmental organization representing women doctors from all five continents of the world.


KMWA has an extensive network of women in medicine both locally and nationally. With these friends and professional contacts in KMWA and the region, you will have a powerful local, national and regional network for personal and professional growth. Connect online, locally, nationally or internationally to build relationships and strengthen your career.


Learn from the women who blazed trails before you. Effective mentorship is likely one of the most important determinants of career success. KMWA realizes training women leaders requires communication of “unwritten rules” of successful career advancement.  As a member of KMWA you have access to an extensive network of women doctors willing to offer more than career advice.  Your KMWA relationships will lead to career advancement opportunities including public speaking engagements, author opportunities, residency positions and job opportunities.

 Education & Expertise

Obtain the skills necessary to advance your career. Whatever your vision is for your future we are here to support your efforts. KMWA connects women through national, regional and local conferences, seminars, continuous medical education, lectures, networking/mentoring events, teleconferences and skills training workshops.


Let us be your microphone. Join our voices. KMWA is an active participant in national and international health care discussions, and has always stood for advocacy for women in medicine, and health promotion for our women patients. For example, we advocate to prevent violence against women and girls. KMWA provides you with the opportunity to support and learn about timely research and legislation on such issues and advocate for healthy change.


As a KMWA member, you receive a subscription to several publications, including the semi-annual KMWA magazine and bi-monthly E-Newsletter, monthly advocacy briefs, health and medical updates and regular events. In addition, our Members also receive the MWIA Newsletter and are often forwarded other interesting news from the national office.